Evolutionary Errors

Survival of the fittest simply doesn't apply anymore. The oldest and the weakest are kept alive by the rest of us. I for one, did not sign up for such a burden.

There are so many very real drugs for so many very fictional diseases. As a substance abuser myself I find it especially humorous. Happiness prescribed to housewives and husbands. Children and teens. Happiness or rather the lack of caring for its absence dosed out a few dollars at a time by the biggest salespeople of all.

The average doctor doesn't heal anyone anymore. They get rich medicating the bored. The listless. The dissatisfied. Turning frustrated wives back into to happy kitchen vixens and angry teenagers into city planners. On prescription at a time.

Evyerone's always crowing about 1984, Big Brother. That's true of course. Big Brother is watching. But he's just there to distract us from thinking about Brave New World. Of course, when everyone reads it they identify with the 'savages'. In real life however, they all just want their 'medicine'.

It's time to realize we have an obligation to let people die. And they have an obligation to do so. Because without the right amount of death all new lives are wasted.

It's not cruelty. It's survival. Are you enjoying that dead cow you're eating? Good. The young are dying to keep the old alive. Sad that they don't care. Maybe it is survival of the fittest after all. And none of us are it.

Doctor can you help me. I feel something and I don't like it.