I am Legend In a Nutshell

Will Smith hunts deer (in New York City?) with a sports car and high powered rifle. Somehow still fails.

Tortures rats for the good of mankind.

Freaks out. Talks to mannequins.

Kills his dog for the good of mankind. Runs over many infected. For the good of mankind.

Meets survivor woman and child. Torments other survivors. Watches Shrek (2?)

Freaks out some more.

Finds cure. Dies.

Saves mankind.


Watchability: Better than average if willing to to ignore reality. Will Smith is a good actor, especially as the conflicted hero.

Plausibility: A plague could happen, but unlikely it would have such perfect sci-fi/horror movie symptoms.

Emotional impact: nil. Humanity being wiped out is a good thing.

Overall: Decent rental what with the tv writers strike and all.
Buy? No need.
See in theater? No content that would benefit from the big screen. Will's ego is big, but fits into a 16:9 ratio.

Major flaws: I knew the dog would bite it. Emotional flashbacks as dead as the world around our hero.