The Kingdom in A Nutshell

Jaime Fox is a badass FBI mutherfucka. He's gonna save the world. Him and his team of whiny Jason Bateman, tough girl Jennifer Garner (is there any other kind of Jennifer Garner) and creepy, yet likable, old actor guy who played the evil marine dad in American Beauty. That's quite the save the world crew you've assembled there Jamie.

Know it all American investigators work with, bully and butt heads with Saudi police in a mutually ongoing effort to identify the conspirators behind a massive bombing in some American stronghold type, oil mining safe-zone.

According to the movie, Saudi Arabia is the oil holy grail of the united states. the only middle eastern country left worth being friendly with and yet filled with haters. They have princes who sell their people to us at pennies on the gallon. Even their poorest are richer than we can ever hope to be.

I wonder what will become of the middle east once the world has learned to live without oil. You think they hate us now? Just wait.

Whiny, Jason Bateman character is kidnapped. Set to be executed in poorly lit terrorist youtube video.

Jamie Fox and the rest of the crew set out to get him back. Three american FBI agents and a pair of Saudi police do battle with the entirety of a hostile village and somehow prevail. If real life worked this way George W. Bush would be a hero.

Anyway, Jennifer Garner finds Jason Bateman. There's a struggle. America prevails. As it always does in movies, if not real life. The lot of them 'accidentally' stumble upon the big terrorist head-cheese.

Sadly, Saudi officer dies in Jamie Fox's arms. But the american way of life is safe for another day and princes of arabia remain rich.

There are no good guys in this movie. Just a lot of people who die because someone else isn't happy with the status quo.

Jamie Fox and his FBI crew go home. And are commended for the nothing they achieved.

Despite their valiant ordeal america continues producing and purchasing SUV's.

The funny thing about terrorism is that it usually has a justification based in some sort of reality. There are already plenty of reasons to hate america. yet we still keep giving them more.

it's no more right to kill in the name of democracy than it is to kill for the sake of any other belief. as if we're actually a democracy anyway. yea, only if democracy means autocratic leaders who answer to no one.

Overall: Compelling, yet hokey story.
Watchability: High.... losta action. People get shot. Shit explodes. Treads amgbigous moral ground with an elistist smug satisfaction. To muse on the self-serving, grandiose, morality of so called american democracy.
Rent the DVD: Yes. To pick it apart. To prove you're not that easily duped.
See in theater: Only if you're a Bush loving moron.