New Clothes

The funny thing about most things Christmas is that they are originally Pagan in nature. The date. The tree. All co-opted by the Catholic church long ago to lure the common imbecile away from hedonism and into the church.

Muslim and Judaism are much more pure. They didn't feel the need to steal holidays away from the heathens. They stood on their own merits. But the stranger thing about all religions is how closely they are related. How everyone wants a deity to give their live meaning. Hope. And escape.

When everything about real life is swollen shards of dead skin, well, that's where god comes in, to prove it wasn't all wasted. We'll die and have a better life. And yet, all those people are so afraid of dying. This method isn't working. The Muslims, some of them, they're not afraid to die. so many virgins waiting to receive their penis. That's what Christianity needs more of. Virgins in the afterlife. But we're too moral for that. We just promise grandmas and dead siblings. Our western god clearly underestimates the shallowness of his people. Because none of us want to die. Not now or ever. We want to live forever. Or as long as we can.

That demonstrates several principles. One Americans don't believe in heaven. And even if they do, it's not that alluring. Not without the virgins. and most of all, they perceive life on earth to be a better than to dwell in god's kingdom.

Clearly, they aren't on board with the whole faith agenda. Frightened liars most of them. The more they preach salivation the more fearful they are that there is none.

I can't prove anything. But I do know atheist don't live in fear. Lets make room for someone else.

So afraid to live. So afraid to die. Gods you spend like pocket changes to buy a few more minutes in lives you know are meaningless.

She tries on her new clothes just as the god are waking up.