Wristcutters In a Nutshell

Boy kills himself. Ends up in the land of the dead suicidals.

A kind of pergatory. Not heaven. Not hell. Someplace so much like our world that one suspects that's the author's message: we're already dead.

No smiles. No laughter. Magical cars with wormholes under the passenger seat.

Dead boy makes friends. Generally socializes while searching for girlfriend who also killed herself.

Boy meets quirky girl who claims she's not a suicide. She searching for the people in charge to correct this mistake. Boy has hardon for quirky, mistake girl, but continues searching for before suicide girlfriend.

Boy learns cliche life lessons while in the land of the dead suicidals. Boy grows and matures in subtle ways that will carry over into the final scenes.

Fun place in suicide land closes down and boy falls into vortex under passenger seat.

Boy isn't dead afterall. Wrists are bandaged. He wakes up in the hopstial next to quirky, not suicide, dead girl from his hallucination.

The moral: sucicide will help you find true love provided you don't actually die.

Watchablility: Acceptable only if you enjoy half-assed independent movies. If you're a religious person this movie will piss you off. If you're anti-religion it will do the same.

So i suppose its greatest accomplishment is that it finds a poorly illustrated method of bridging the gap between the faithful and the faithless through of all things the pastuerization of self-inflicted death.

The premise that no one ever really dies, even those bent on killing themselves is a frightfully insane thought. Some perverse blending of christianity and paganism that I don't even want to pretend is real for the short duration of this movie.

Cautions: Only watch if you've never wanted to die and only then, after several doses of whatever is your drug of choice. Love stories are awful enough without people finding happiness from beyond the grave.