Feed (Starring the Moonlight Vampire Guy) In a Nutshell

One of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen and I've seen some strange movies. The fat girl looked so real. I don't know if it was tons of latex or cgi, but she was all to real. Moonlight vampire good guy Alex O'Loughlin played the deranged fatty lover/hater. I don't like that show, but he was surprisingly good as a sociopath.

Premise: Crazy australian cop hunts crazy american porn entrepreneur.

Extremely fat girl whines a lot while a tattooed, naked Alex O'Loughlin dances around her considerable mass.

Crazy cop finally finds them.

Extremely fat girl whines even more while naked ALex O'Loughlin smugly challenges gun wielding maniac cop.

Story ends in a demented tribute to instant karma.

Nitpicks: O'Loughlin pulled some kinda vampire trick jump from the third floor, landing comfortably on his feet, even though he's supposed to be a regular human in this movie.

See this movie? Very amusing for fans of horror or otherwise repulsive movies.
Not for people grossed out by extreme obesity. The film, for me, had a very campy, black humor sort of feel. The feeder villain was very funny/entertaining in a gayish movie psychopath sort of ostentation. Will be fun for most horror fans or any horny women who want to see Alex O'Loughlin extremely naked.