One To Another (French) In A Nutshell

I love french movies. They're always so erotically droll. Like bras drying on a clothesline. I never know whether to wring them out or let them drip.

If you're into french movies for the sex this movie won't deliver. Though there are numerous scenes of naked quasi-teens, sex occurs but once and is of the silent, arty kind.

This movie is about death and those that are left alive to carry on afterwards. In particular young people.

Premise: A spetuplet of teenage friends (including one questionably incestuous brother/sister duo) experiment with their burgeoning sexuality. Most experimental and beautiful one (the brother) is killed violently and for no apparent reason.

Mother and sister struggle to cope. Sister obsesses over finding the killer(s). Police are useless and take advantage of distraught sister.

Maybe if you're french or otherwise not-american the discovery of the killers is shocking. But as an american I saw this coming. We're derranged like that.

A lot French movies I've seen have a strange penchant for entangling sex with the most unpleasant of realities (death, violence, kidnapping, menstruation). I like this about them, but it's decidely not for everyone.

See this movie: If you love french films with or without the erotica.
Rent this movie: If subtitles and naked boys turn you on.

Overall: A strange movie by any country's standards. Made even stranger by its basis in fact. Something terribly interesting to watch if you don't mind french movies you can't masturbate to.