Tastes Like Chicken

Update: Amazon first lowered the price to $739.38. I emailed them, requesting to receive the new price instead as it had not yet been 30 days. They did it. They lowered it again down to $735 and again refunded the difference upon my request. They were very efficient about it. That what's great about amazon. They stand behind their policies. They say if the price changes within 30 days you get it for the lower price and they actually mean it.

But it's really all thanx to priceprotectr.com. they will monitor your purchases for 30 days and notify you via email if there is a drop. i woulda never remembered to go back and check.

The tv is awesome too. Once i updated my video card driver to have it properly recognize the tv in dual monitor mode all was once again right with the world. Note: to those out there with Nvidia cards and 'non pc compatible' hdtv's, update your drivers. Nvidia has released new drivers that much better support most hdtv's.

Amazon.com was kind enough to sell me a 32 inch LCD HDTV by Panasonic for a mere $750. No tax. Free white glove shipping. This to replace a 3 year old Dell 30 inch HDTV/Monitr. If you know me, which you don't, I have bad luck with video display devices. TV's and monitors tend to die prematurely in my presense. Other forms of electronics don't fare much better. DVD players, VCR's, CD players. I kill them all with the gamma from my brain waves.

I once had a DVD player from Pioneer that suddenly started teasing me. I'd press the open tray button, the tray would open and then close in the same breath. I had to physically hold the tray open. My brother took it home. Worked perfectly. I had a fancy turntable that just wouldn't work right. A vcr that spontaneously turned itself on. I went through tons of pc monitors before I began buying dell computers with monitors included. Their tv's blow, but the monitors are good.

Is anyone else annoyed that televisions cost so much these days? Back in the day I spent 350 on a 27 inch panasonic stereo crt and that seemed a lot. Now. Try to find a tv for under $400. There are a few fancy schamncny crts left, which just don't seem worth it. They're only slightly less than a flat panel and DLP is crap.

That's not even the worst of it. Now your tv has to interface with your computer. There's a fun thing to set up. If your new hdtv doesn't have a pc input figuring out the dual displays is guesswork at best.

The thing is, everyone, needs, literally needs a tv these days. You really can't function without one. So there ought to be low cost choices, but then the us economy has never cared much about need. That's why we have credit.

Buy it now. Pay for it later. In more ways than one.