Spiked Heels

Why wear clothes when you can just strut around in high heels. Princesses don't wear dirty lingerie. They don't wear anything at all. Except their shoes. The gods of feet create the ocassional miracle. Like metal stilettos. And thigh high boots. You can't imagine what she's got on. Because it's nothing.

Just toes peeking out from tight stitches in patent leather. And thighs trembling in tall shafts of calf skin.

She booted the bouncer and took the bartender to bed with her instead. A cunning manipulation. She wanted neither of them. So many choices. None correct.

She fantasized about demi bras adorned with fretting lace. And boxer shorts pulled snug on erect penises.

She had always worn platform heels. Or else crazy fetish boots. But when she put on the understated pump it was obvious. She had overlooked something quite seductive.

So many men. So many choices. Who likes womens in high heeled boots?

According to her experience. All of them.