A Good Improvement In Vista... No Really!

Windows vista is pretty lame and annoying and all around not very good. But almost immediately after starting to use it I did find one feature I've always coveted and truly appreciate.

If you right click on the volume control in the systray and select open volume mixer you are presented with a menu of any possible sound making applications. You are able to adjust the volume or mute any individual application. Like FireFox for instance. You're listening to music via media player and want to play a game. Said game is noisy. Simply mute FireFox only. Play game to your own personal soundtrack.

No more annoying web advertisements talking at you through your computer. Just mute whichever app applies.

Now I realize as far as innovations in OSes this is pretty freaking lame. But for somehow who listens to music almost constantly and pretty much exclusively via computer this is a happy happy joy joy kinda improvement. One I have been wishing for for years. I guess Microsoft read my mind about that. Now if only they'd read my mind about the million other complaints i have maybe they'd actually have a good product.

I don't believe the hype about windows 7 and you shouldn't either. When the press is that kind to anything it's because they've been lubricated. I got windows 7 upgrade for free from dell, but haven't had the patience to try it yet.

I finally have vista working pretty much how I want it to. Lots of tweaks which I will try to detail in future posts. As a very long time windows user - since 3.1. Remember Program Manager anyone? I know the dangers of toying with a pretty good config.

Windows operating systems are very much like shallow, pretty people. They're not that bright, but they get by on their good looks. And if you want to upgrade it's always going to cost you.