FIX: Netflix Randomly Exits Full Screen on Secondary Monitor

since getting a pc with vista (arg!) when i use my tv (secondary monitor) to view netflix watch online movie it exits full screen mode all on its own every 15 minutes or so. i'm lying on the bed nowhere near the pc. no input from me whatsoever. but like clockwork every 12-15 minutes the full screen mode reverts back to a regular window.

i tried turning off the google toolbar. that didn't work. i tried having igoogle refreshing every so often in a secondary tab. no good. i tried turning off norton live update. no dice. i still don't know what the cause of the problem is other than the fact that vista is weird and annoying. i do however know of a work around solution.

i dragged windows media player to the secondary monitor. played some songs on a continous loop, but muted. that keeps the secondary monitor active and netflix viewer (silverlight) stays in full screen mode.