Windows XP Won't Go Into Standby

I have a second pc that still runs XP, but vista. Recently it decided to stop going into standby after the specified idle time had elapsed.

I tried using msconfig from the run menu. Started shutting off a bunch of useless extras. Including, nvidia extra crap (like nziz), creative sound blaster extra crap (like cthelper and ctfix - i think that's its name) and even windows indexing. None of those things helped at all.

Checked the power management settings for the lan card. In device manager. Right-click the card. Check the power management tab. Make sure it's set to not wake the computer. That was already the case for me.

Checked the BIOS settings. Those were already correct.

Googled. Of course. That's where I found out about a prog called JSQ.exe which is set to preload on pc's that have recently installed java (which I had on this pc).

Here is the link with how to disable it. Java will still work just fine. It's a useless add on.

You'll probably have to restart for the fix to be complete.