Celebrity Apprentice 2011

What a glorious spectacle this show is. Bewteen Donald Trump and his dead hamster hair and his reverse raccoon tan eyes and Star Jones with her constant posturing and Gary Busey with his Alzheimers antics. Who could ask for more from a celeb-reality show.

The funny thing is, the less you like the people on the show, the better the show is. Quite unusual.

It's really bizarre how this show actually rebuilds celebrity careers. Here we all are laughing at these people, thinking they're egomaniacal idiots and magically 6 months later, there they are on some other channel, with their own self-centric show.

Hollywood has always been funny like that. Bad behavior is often rewarded. Take Charlie Sheen. His bad behavior has helped him set world's records on twitter. All his 'shows' are sold out.

People are paying to hear Charlie Sheen rant about tiger blood and pistachio ice cream?

I won't pay to see that, but (if either of them are listening) I would pay A LOT to see David Cassidy blow Jose Canseco.