Ralph of Survivor Redemption Island

All us coasties like to believe we're superior to those hicks from the south and the Midwest, but few of us actually think that's a reality. Which is why I'm so vexed by Ralph on this season of survivor.

At first, I didn't really think about it. The poor spelling. Well, hey, super smart people are terrible spellers.

But when he told Jeff that he didn't know what cohesive means, I was flabbergasted. And I'm not buying it. He is playing to some major stereotypes and I don't believe it's 'reality'.

I just read an article about him and the guy is a high school graduate. And he manages some kinda farm. You can't graduate high school and not know what cohesive means... can you?

Sure, he looks like a bumpkin. But who among us really believe that he is.

On top of that, didn't the survivor winner just before him, totally play stupid to get to the top? Judd (Fabio) had everyone fooled. We all thought he was a complete idiot, other contestants included. Then out of nowhere he blew everyone away with his skill and savvy.

I think Ralph is trying to pull the same scam.