Dancing with the Stars Classical

Who knew any of the classical music pieces on dancing with the stars classical themed episdoe (April 11, 2011)?

I knew hall of the mountain king (Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke). Cuz savatage redid it (much more to my liking). And beethoven's fifth (At the beginning of the show with the professional dancers). Cuz trans-siberian orchestra uses that one often.

They mentioned there was something from a harry potter movie. Did not ring a bell. But I only saw the first and second harry potter movies. And that was a long time ago.

There was one song, that didn't sound classical at all (Hines danced to it I think). It sounded like a rearranged/reinstrumented rock song. What was that all about? I liked the song, just wish I knew what it was.

But why didn't they clearly state which pieces were used during the dances? their average viewer doesn't really don't know classical and opera. Or we know it only in that vague sense of, gee, that sounds familiar. I think I heard it in a cartoon once.

All in all, I found the change of music interesting. A little frustrating, because I couldn't place a lot of it, but at the same time, stimulating because of the unfamiliarity.

Anyway, I said it last week to my friends and I'll say it again here. Hines for winner.