The Importance of Losers

I just watched the movie Middle Men and I am astounded to learn that the Internet so critical to the state of the world was created by two idiots who wanted to see naked women. Amazing really.

Evidently, they created the buy with a credit card over the Internet technology. Easy to believe it might have been dreamt up to sell porn. Hard to believe two mental retards were the ones who achieved it. And that they only did it to sell scanned pics from hustler and playboy.

Obviously it grew from there. And impacted the world as a whole. You could sell porn, but actually, you could sell anything. Amazing really. That jerking off is what created the Internet as we know it today. A cornerstone of the economy. A necessity we all depend on. Go figure.

Everyone should see this movie. It was very funny. And it just makes you stop and think. God, if it weren't for a pair of horny, coked up losers, such staples as Amazon and and Netflix might not exist.

So next time you shop at amazon, eBay, itunes, netflix or anywhere on the Internet, just remember, it's porn that made it all possible.