Torchwood Season 4: Miracle Day

I was sad to learn that netflix may not receive torchwood season 4 for instant watch until 90 days after it airs on stars. Was so psyched when I first heard about the project. Agog with anticipation knowing my netflix subscription afforded me access to starz content.

What a disappointment. I know that netflix works hard and pays a lot of money to acquire in demand streaming cotent.

Evenso, I think they should work harder.

Premium cable channels have little to fear from streaming their content on netflix. I would never purchase a premium channel. Regardless of what shows they might have. Were it not available to stream, I would simply wait for the dvd. And I would guess most people who don't subscribe to premium channels must be of a similar mindset. You're either willing to pay for it or you're not. Getting it from netflix sooner online is just a perk of the service. It has no impact at all on my decision whether or not to subscribe to those pay channels. I never would. They are too expensive for me. And I know people who do buy those channels. And they would never give them up. Starz and Showtime Netflix streaming content serves a different type of people. Limiting their access will not gain premium channels subscribers. If they are losing subscribers it's simply the result of an economy on life-support.


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