Fringe Paradox

On the Fringe season finale, which I didn't watch til Saturday, Peter disappeared. We had jumped fifteen years into the future and Olivia had been killed by Walternate. Incarcerated regular Walter had discovered a way to 'cheat' time.

Peter presumably disappeared because something he did in the past caused him to either die before that time occurred or to have never existed. The observers implied he had not ever existed.

In theory, if Peter had never existed, then none of these problems would have ever occurred. Walter couldn't steal peter. Wouldn't need to cross over causing the symbiosis between the universes to crumble. Olivia wouldn't die because she wouldn't have married peter. Walternate wouldn't use her for revenge. There would be no revenge to take. Everything is undone. All is right with the worlds.

Except this is fringe and Peter can't really be gone. So he'll have to no doubt go back again and alter things further. Keep trying. Til he gets it right.

Of course, we know how that goes. The more you go back to try to fix, the more you screw it up.

So ultimately, in the end, he's forced to redo everything he's tried so hard to undo. Putting everything right back where it was.

Two universes still tearing each other apart as they drift ever more distant. So many possible futures sharing one immutable end.