The Most Special Agent of Them All

I like Phillip from Survivor. Why? and why you all do too. Because without him this season would've been a snoozefest.

He's a little bit nutty, but that's what makes him so loveable. He's not as crazy as he played on tv. But he's just wacky enough to warm my heart.

When I think back on this season of survivor, after evil russell was ousted, nothing very momentous happened. It was kinda fun to watch Russell cry.

But after that the game shifted to Rob world and everything pretty much went according to plan. Great for Rob, kinda boring for viewers. Thank goodness for Phillip and his wonderful plan to be the ultimate outcast. It almost worked.

It got him second place at least. An accomplishment in its own right.

This season of Survivor would've sucked if not for Phillip Shepherd and his sometimes manic episdoes. It wasobvious during the reunion, he had been playing it up, but not entirely. He's a different kinda guy. Precisely the kinda guy that makes Survivor worth watching.

Is there a prize for that? Because he deserves it.

Love you Phil and your droopy drawers!!!