Save Breaking In, Kill Bob's Burgers

I don't get why fox cancelled Breaking In, but Bob's Burgers's is still in the rotation. Breaking In is funny, quick, smart and action-packed. That guy Bret Harrison seems to have a knack for being in unique and funny shows that get cancelled when they shouldn't be. Anyone remember Reaper? That was a really fun show to watch. As is breaking in. He makes a really good anti-hero protagonist.

Bob's burgers is a bizarre and simpsonesque melange of dysfunctional family humor that has been done to death. Breaking In is fresh, exciting and crazy silly.

Bob and his burger pushing family are a charmless redaction of so many ineptly jaded cartoon families. Oz, Cameron and the motley crew of Breaking In are an irrevereant and lovably zany makeshift family of rebels, thieves and outcasts.

It would go over perfectly after Big Bang Theory if CBS is interested. Or would fit right into fox's sunday night animated lineup.

I know the execs at fox don't understand that anything other than animation can possibly be funny. Or that cartoons can ever not be funny. But it's true. Bob's Burgers is bad. Really, very, very bad. Breaking In is good. Quite good.

Ditch the hairy guy burger toon. Save the crazy hacker nonsense. You'll thank me if you do.