Fantasy Scenarios

Why are vegetables making people sick? Vegetables are supposed to be safe and good and above reproach. Yet in the past 20 years or so vegetables have been responsible for more than their fair share of food borne illnesses.

It's simple really. With the advent of factory farming everything has become contaminated, including our fruits and veggies. Manure from mistreated, ill-kept chickens and cows fertilize the crops. Shipping and packing routinely creates cross-contamination.

People who eat meat may also inadvertently contaminate their own produce if they do not wash properly after handling animal meat.

I often wonder what would happen if the united states government suddenly decided to outlaw the consumption or exploitation of animals. Not they ever would. It's just a fantasy I sometimes have.

But I doubt if my dream came true any one would do anything. Because in reality no one ever does anything no matter what the government does to them or takes away.

It all just happens. And we just let it. the slaves obey.