the problem with the war on drugs is that it's actually a war on addicts.

the reality is in a free society people have the right to be or not to be addicts without the law intervening.

Should an addict want assistance, it should, of course be provided. But the idea that users are criminals is absurb. The idea that dealers are the problem is absurd. the problem is that people are so narrow minded as to think their point of view of the only corect assessment of any given situation.

Freedom, whether you like it or not, means free to choose. Free to choose to squander your life stoned and useless. Free to capitalize on the weaknesses if others selling narcotics.

If America were truly a free country there would be no war on drugs. Freedom means you're free to teach your children not to do bad things. Freedom means, they are free to ignore you and waste themselves on debilitating substances. Freedom means the governments doesn't get to decide what is too dangerous to be legal. Freedom means the fire is ours to walk through if we fancy the heat.

Sadly, freedom isn't profitable enough to matter.