Deja Vu Movies Costumes Halloween

There's a ceiling on debt?

Next thing they'll tell me there's a limit on twinkie production. And that thumbs eventually disappear.

Wait? What? Congress is a bunch of rich old dudes that are completely out of touch with the lives of the average american? That can't be right. There must be some mistake.

Green Lantern is a super hero? I thought it was one of those things to kill mosquitos.

What's this Sucker Punch? There's an action movie of all women? Nice. Do they kiss each other while they're fighting?

They made a Smurfs movie? What the smurf? That's smurfed up! Smurfin A. I always liked Asriel. Smurf yeah. Neil Patrick in the house!!!

Conan. Seriously. Conan. The Barbarian. Really. No. You're joking. Conan. He's that doofy looking red headed talk show guy. Isn't he? It doesn't look like him at all.

Wario. Wow. Now that I can dig. Whoot. Can I get some mushroom love y'all?