Apple Store

Contributed by Milford Woods

You should have seen my husbands mouth when we were walking through the Apple store the other day. I practically had to keep picking his jaw up off the floor. He was just amazed at so much awesome technology in one room. He was basically like a kid in a candy store! I did think it was pretty awesome that they have all of the products out and plugged in for you to play with and try for yourself. I mean, that is the best marketing: make people feel like it is already theirs and they will need to buy it! I just would not want to have to pay the energy bill for that store! With all of those devices plugged in all day and being used all day, I bet the bill is insane! I really hope they are getting Just Energy Electricity Rates. So, yeah, needless to say, we did not leave that store empty handed. I will be sure to only take him back through that store in the mall after payday!