Windows 7 came out a long time ago and my copy has been sitting in my desk for at least a year. When I bought my new computer it came with Vista, but also with the future upgrade to Seven. Unfortunately the upgrade did not include a person to perform it. That's the funny thing about upgrades. They sound good and better, but the doing them yourself part neither good nor better.

I've done my fair share of operating system installs and updates. Back in the day I used to enjoy doing clean installs. Formatting and partitioning the hard drive. Ah, the DOS interface. How I once loved it.

But after many years of decent versions of windows I grew accustomed to easy to computer usage and forgot all about my former love affair with the command line.

The came vista and it was like I was married to a complete stranger. But we stayed together for the children. And when my copy of Windows 7 upgrade arrived it was both welcome and awkward. I hated Vista, but I was used to it. I didn't want to start from the beginning again.

So I stayed with Vista, that old, cantankerous hag. Because at least I knew what she was gonna bitch about and how to shut her up.

She's still fat and ugly and a terrible lay, but she's familiar. Windows 7, she's nothing but a cheap whore. She's been with everyone. I think I'll wait for 8. or maybe 9. No, actually, I'm trying to hold out for a google OS. But damn, I'm horny.