Heavenly Debits

The other day I was at the ATM trying to get some money for food and gas and other such luxuries. It's strange how whenever I approach ATM machines there's never anyone around. Yet, I tilt my head to enter my PIN and begin my tranaction and the second I look up from my business there's suddenly a big line of people waiting impatiently behind me. Life is funny like that.

That's what makes life worth living I suppose. The unexpected.

Anyway, every trip to the ATM is always the same. Minor variations on a freakishly repetitive theme. It's like Neizteche only more sartorial. If such a thing is possible.

Afterall, as I understand it, POS sytems are supposed to make life simpler. And they do. In so many ways.

But waiting in line is just one of those things the human race can't overcome. A little glimpose of perdition God uses to remind us who's really in charge.