New Religion

I'm thinking about starting a new religion. One based on the worship of the Internet. Or possibly me. I haven't decided which. Maybe both. That would be neat. The Internet could be God. I could be Jesus and Google can be the holy ghost. It'll be like Catholicism, except with less pedophilia. It'll be like Judaism except less guilt ridden. It'll be similar to Islam too. Just not so OCD. It'll even be like Hinduism. Just without the accountability.

Seriously. What were the inventors of Hindu thinking. A religion with consequences. What's the point.

But I digress.

Basically my new Internet religion will be just like any religion you can think of from anywhere across the globe except that it'll worship something real.

I'll call it reality.

And everyone will avoid it. Yet they'll worship by watching it kinda happen to others who are put on TV.

And I'll make lots of money. But not until long after I'm dead.