Heavy Metal

When I was in high school metal was all the rage. Heavy metal. Hair metal. Pop metal. The headbangers ball. Ricky Rackman. We all wanted to mosh out to some good metal riffs and the occasional power ballad. We were nothing if not romantic.

Nowadays metal is more about actual metals. Aluminum. Steel. Iron. Sheet. You name it someone needs it, wants it or is waiting on it. Unlike in the 80's when Warrant and Motley Crue dominated the airwaves, today metal production is a highly specialized and essential industry. No longer will power chords and eyeliner suffice. A certain amount of expertise and knowledge is required. We're talking real metal here. With the very precise laser cutting. As opposed to the bad singing and all too tight zebra print leggings. With this metal production shearing you really need a certain level of professionalism and experience.

Some metal places may claim to rock and roll all night, but when it comes to your 21st century, non-hairspray, guitarless, non-MTV metal needs Industrial Metal Supply is the only source you need. They've been cutting and band sawing through massive sheets of metal since before Metallica were even out of diapers.