Lost the Finder

How does one find The Finder on Fox? For a show about finding things it sure is hard to locate. One weeks it's on, the next there's that god awful American Idol in its place. Then it's on again. Then it's not. I see the pattern. I just don't understand it. That's no way to treat a really cute and adorably quirky show. The Finder deserves a little more respect that to be swapped in and out of existance based on the time slot needs of the aging and never was interesting American Idol. God, I wish that show would just disappear and that no one would ever find it.

I don't want to have to watch Criminal Minds. Which I find tolerable, but tedious and redunant. Week after week, same old thing. Wild eyed serial killer is caught by the incredibly insightful team of very conflicted heroes. We're supposed to related to them because they have foibles and flaws just like we do. But really they just come off as emotionally inaccessible.

Modern Family is also on then, which is great. A funny and very relatable program. Personally I think the oft overlooked The Middle is much funnier. And I don't even like Patricia Heaton. But The Middle is very funny. Modern Family is also funny, but but not as much. It just gets more awards because it's politically sensitive and liberally broad. Which I'm all for, but that doesn't actually make it a better show.

But at least ABC and CBS know what a programming schedule is. Fox seems to think is more of an elective than required course.

I like The Finder. I prefer to watch it over Criminal Minds. If only it didn't go missing every other week.