I just upgraded some critical programs on my computer recently. That's always disorienting. Necessary, but befuddling. Much like the movie I watched tonight, Melancholia.

Lars Von Trier movies keep me coming back, not because I like them per se, but because they get under my skin and make me itch and I have to keep scratching, even after it starts to bleed.

The way he writes women really puzzles me. The male characters are always so logical. To the point of psychosis. The females are hysterical. Sometimes obviously. Others internally. But always manic. And helpless in this strangely fierce and primal sort of way.

The title was interesting. It was the name of the planet that was destined to destroy earth and the name of the disease that was destroying the woman. I guess the whole thing was one gigantic metaphor for depression and suicide. Suicide is the answer. I totally agree.

I can't figure out if he's a misogynist or if he just hates his mother. But that's silly. Because if one hates one's mother then one by default hates all women. So I don't know what to think or if I should even be thinking about such things. They're just movies after all. Art. The dead learning how to breathe.