Vote For Pedro

Voting for Middle Finger Voting has become so silly. So ridiculous. Such a bitter, unpleasant, fruitless, assinine endeavor. Douchebag A or Douchebag B or possibly Asshatette C. Decisions, decisions. When, if ever, do we actually get a real choice?

Do you want green Jello or do you want blue Jello. Personally I can't tell the difference. They're both jiggly, tasteless blobs of ersatz sustenance that only useful to the mentally infirmed and the toothless masses.

There's really no need to make political jokes anymore these days, since politics makes a complete joke of itself on a daily basis. But it never hurts to add fuel to the fire with politically critical and offensive funny t-shirts. I like fire. Fire pretty. Let's burn the place to the ground!