Work and Working

It's weird when I go to work. I used to work from home. Hopefully will again soon. But office politics are very interesting. I usually pull up in my car with the music blasting and everyone is so interested in what I was listening to. I guess they like it or hate. Who can tell for sure.

And then I eat my lunch outside. Just to get away from things for a little while. It's nice to be by myself for a bit. Eat my soy bologna style slices and nutter butters and doodle a few bits of nonsense. I'm surprised that everyone else stays at their desk to eat their lunch. It just seems to tedious. A break is definitely required.

When I work from home it's so different. I never watch the clock. I just stop when I'm hungry. I often keep going later than is required. BUt in an office environment it's a totally different vibe. I look at the clock often and time passes slowly. I feel trapped.

Everyone should work from home if possible. It's much more productive. It doesn't feel like 'working'. But stuff gets accomplished so quickly.

The whole idea of having employees come to work it flawed. If you have good workers you can trust they will do so much more for you from the comfort of home. Less distractions. It doesn't even feel like working really.

Driving there every morning and sitting at that strange desk, it makes it feel like a chore. Something to trudge through. It's laborious and tedious and time passes so slowly. From home it's a totally different story. It's good and easy and not really work at all.