Bad Vibrations

Last week I got into an argument with this new guy at work. He's supposed to be an SEO expert. I don't think he's an expert at anything at all. I just find a lot of discrepancies. Shouldn't an SEO expert know html. Probably some CSS too. Shouldn't an SEO expert know spreadsheets and formulas. Actually shouldn't anyone in any computer field know spreadsheets and formulas?

He has me redesigning buttons and such. Swapping out one button image for another. I'm no SEO slouch. I am by no means an expert, but I'm not clueless either. How your button looks is not SEO. He has me redesigning the logo according to his specification. Again... not SEO. All a search engine sees is an img src tag. He isn't telling me to add alt tags or change the alt tags or add title tags to any of these images. He's simply changing the way they appear. And since search engines don't have eyes or ocular nerves or rods or cones it's all the same to them. Image1.jpg or Image2.jpg - makes no diff.

He's got another guy writing blogs all day. While I understand that blogs are an important factor in SEO - there's a limit. Then he's doing articles all day. Which everyone knows articles are been and gone. Useless now.

If he can improve the business I really don't care whether or not I like him. I can put that aside. But I just get a bad vibe from the guy. Not only do I think he won't improve things, I fear he'll make them much worse.