Birds are Singing

I fell in love. Just yesterday with a guy I met at the supermarket. I know, it's so cliched. But it really did happen. No he did not squeeze my melons. Nor did I test the firmness of his banana. It was all very sweet and innocent. He was on line behind me at the self-checkout 15 items or less. I was fishing in the bottom of my much too large and overcrowded purse for a nickel that I was certain was down there in that abyss somewhere. I was trying to hurry as to not hold up the queue. But you know how that is. The desire to go quickly only slows you down. Normally I'm not a change person when checking out, but I didn't want to get 95 cents back and I didn't want to have to break a hundred and get oodles of bills back.

He was kind enough to give me a nickel. He also gave it in an entirely non passive aggressive manner. It did not feel at all as though he was secretly trying to rush me. It was very sweet and sincere.

I returned the favor by asking him if he would like some coffee at the nearby Starbucks and treated him to a hot chocolate with cinnamon. I had a mocha latte. We shared a cranberry scone. Before we parted we exchanged communications info and set a tentative date for next Saturday, location to be determined.