Division of Labor

I'm really torn as to what to do. I've been tasked with collaborating with this new guy at work. He's supposed to improve things. I'm supposed to help him bring that vision to life. Problem is the guy really irritates me. He's a know it all. A really bad one. I am a know it all as well, but within reason. If I truly know nothing about a subject I will fully admit it. This guy, however, pretend to know everything about everything as if there is absolutely nothing he does not know. Except I know about the things he's does not and can tell he does not know about them.

The guy that we both work for is kinda clueless. We both know more than him. So he's unlikely to figure out who actually knows how much, what, why or which or how it might be beneficial to him. He thinks we're both useful. Which is true to some degree. But he also thinks we're most useful working together. Which could not be further from the truth.

The conundrum - how to explain that to him without coming off as an asshole. Actually, I don't care if I seem like an asshole, just so long as I seem like an ass who should remain in his employ. Cause if I have to play nice with this guy for too much longer I'm a gonna go all Nebraska on their asses!