Extraterrestrial Entertainment

is there a nice way to tell someone you think they're an idiot? if not, then they're oughta be. the world would be a much better place if you could tell people just how stupid you think they are without hurting their feelings.

in a perfect world there are no idiots. no stupid people. no one that gets on your nerves at all. but our world is hardly perfect. our only recourse is to work within the limited confines of our collective stupidity. so far it hasn't worked out too well. i doubt it ever will. but it is what is. somethings simply can't be changed.

i mean, windows sucks, but we adapt. we learn to deal. we can't not use windows - so we are forced to adjust our expectations and train ourselves to be productive within an inferior environment. such is the nature of the human condition. whether we are co mingling with architectural unsound operating systems or vexing co-workers who think they're never wrong.

i like to deal with the whole scenario by imagining it's all one big reality TV show and the whole world is the cast. and somewhere out there in all that black they call the universe someone, somewhere is laughing.