For the Love of Gladiators

The finale to Spartacus Vengeance was really good. Totally epic television. I never saw the Lucretia baby suicide thing coming. Major shocker. I know I was supposed to hate Glaber, but I just couldn't. I understood him. He was wrong, but he was just being the monster that the world he lived in wanted him to be.

The fight between Navia and Asher was brutal. I cringed. I shouted. I leapt from my seat when she cut him where the the sun don't shine. I thought for sure she would die, but boy was I wrong.

This show always shocks me. I think that's I've seen all television has to offer and for the most part I have, but not so with this series. Strange since the story has been told numerous times before. A credit to the writers, directors and actors. It's just an awesome tale full of deception, treachery and the struggle for freedom.

It's graphic and violent and vividly sexual. It's perfect.

I can't believe Lucretia is dead. I can't believe Animeus is dead. I still miss Batiatus. Another prequel would be great. But the unfolding of the Spartacus slave rebellion story is spectacular. They always manage to conjure up new and better villains for our free slave heroes to mutilate and dismember. But its true success I think is in the ideology. Sex and violence are always good television. But it's in the fight for freedom are they become legend.

Those guys aren't bad to look at either.