Horror Movies

The other day at work all the girls were talking about movies and music. Mostly movies. Comedies, dramas, horror. Mostly horror. It's a fascinating genre.

I couldn't resist cluing the uninformed into the 70's cult classic I Spit On Your Grave. It's a truly gruesome and shockingly violent piece of film work. Especially considering it was done over 40 years ago.As a fan of grim and gratuitous torture in movies I love this flick.

Someone else mentioned Hostel. Also a violence lovers wet dream.

I watch gruesome horror movies for the humor. I guess that sounds weird. It can't be based on a true story. That would make me sick. But pretend violence really makes me laugh. I guess that's still sick, but not as bad.

Most supposed comedies just aren't funny at all. Except for the hangover. That was funny. But all kinds of fake blood and guts and flying limbs and screaming and weird ways to impale people - that's comedic gold. Which explains why I've watched every edition of Saw and Final Destination and why no one ever wants to sit next to me on the bus.