Humane Eggs?

I always get Earth Day wrong. For years I labored under the delusion that it was April 24. Finally I got it through my thick head that was incorrect. But sadly I latched onto the 20th as the proper date. Which again is wrong. Earth Day is actually April 22nd.

Shouldn't every day really be Earth Day? We are kinda dependent upon Earth for our survival.

Speaking of which, I often have this debate with my mother about eggs. I don't eat eggs because they are too cruel. She eats eggs because she does not care. All well and good. Her choice. But she goes to the trouble to buy 'cage free' eggs. To which I say to her why? You're eating all kinds of foods containing eggs of unknown origins - mostly likely less than humane. And cage free is a scam anyway. Total marketing bullshit.

Why do you always make it a point to tell me how you're buying cage free eggs when you're eating all these other eggs in your cookies and cake and mayonnaise and whatever. Cookies and cake are certainly not essential foods.

If it makes you feel good to eat some cage free eggs that's fine, but you're deluding yourself thinking they are cruelty free. And why keep bringing it up knowing I will point out that you're still eating lots and lots of other eggs. What are you trying to prove and to whom?