Megalomania Becomes You

This guy that I've recently had to work with, he makes me want to kill myself. Literally. I don't know what exactly it is about him. Maybe the stubbornness. Perhaps the overconfidence. The pigheadedness could also be a cause. Or a combination of those things.

Maybe it's because I think he's totally deluded. He's always making grandiose statements. Oh, we'll be a million dollar company in a year from now because of what I'm doing. We'll have dozen of employees and you'll be the team leader of such and such department. Such utter bullshit stuff for a person to say as a fact. You might say I hope to achieve this. Or my goal is to. But he'll just state it like he's been to the future and already seen it happen. Except he hasn't. Because time travel still hasn't been perfected.

So therefore, he must be talking out his rather large ass. And I just don't care for that. Not one bit.

If this guy could deliver on all his bold statements I would be happy and shut my mouth and generally cooperate. But that is unlikely. Although, I would gladly eat my own words for the promise of pay raises and bonuses. I'm humble like that.