Real Reality

Is anyone else sick of Dancing with the Stars? And the Amazing Race too. I'm just sick of reality TV in general. Not so much the reality aspect, but the part where these shows keep coming back for 30 or 40 redundant seasons. I wouldn't mind some new and interesting reality shows. Just sick of the same old same old.

I have some great ideas for new reality series. Which are patent pending and not for taking and only for sale at a very high price that enables me to retire very young.

  1. The Mailman Chronicles. Strap a camera to a mail carrier's hat. Stick one inside his delivery jeep as well. Mis-delivered letters. Torn TV Guides. Brawls with the UPS guy. Run over cats. Enjoy as the hilarity ensues.
  2. Supermarket Salvation. Follow the previously unseen journey of dollar bills and manufacturer's coupons as they make their long and arduous journey from the dark catacombs of the cash register drawer to that magical and mysterious kingdom called redemption value.
  3. 7-11 Saturday Night Live. Watch in wonder and awe as an assortment of colorful and inebriated characters pass through the famous convenience store purchasing Pall Malls, Trojans and dozen cartons of fresh chicken eggs.
  4. Traffic Light Candid Camera. Install hidden cameras on various stop lights throughout major metropolitan cities. Spy on drivers as they wait for the red to go green. See them atrociously lip syncing and or singing with their music, picking their noses, scratching their genitals and performing dangerous stunts like eating, fingernail painting and surfing the net while operating four tons of metal shaped death.
  5. The Me Show. Follow me around with a cameras. Watch as I violently slaughter the entire crew.
These great ideas and more are available via my brain and for the low, low price of lots and lots of money.