Risk Versus Reward

I always wonder why when lottery jackpots are huge people are more apt to participate. Is the standard one million dollars not an appealing prize. 2, 3, 4 or 5 million and you still don't think it's worth vying for? But wait a minute! Hold on there cowboy. The prize if five hundred million dollars. Well, now I have to play. I don't get it. Putting aside the stark reality. That anyone's chance in winning is so very slim. Assuming people in their minds imagine they might win and are even apt to win, why does an astronomical prize change their reaction?

I've never understood people. Have never claimed to. But I'm infinitely intrigued by their strange behaviors.

The odds of winning are the same regardless of the prize money. People who play the lottery are generally not millionaires. They are for the most part lower middle class and below. There are those that play faithfully regardless. They make sense. At least to me and the laws of probability. But the people who only play when there is a huge jackpot make absolutely no sense at all. Is it some rare and mild form of autism? Because if they played more they would increase their odds of winning. But by only playing when there's a big prize they're simply squandering their investment.