Ritual and Resonance

I didn't know that Easter was such a major holiday. Stores and restaurants and stuff are closed or close early. I don't get why. Not everyone is christian. I wanted to go to Cheeburger, but they were closed. I was informed that Kohl's department store was closed as well. The Chinese takeout, the Italian takeout, both closed. CVS was open. The liquor store was open and doing a bustling business. Easter involves alcohol? I thought it was about bunnies and eggs and chocolate.

Pathmark closed early. They're normally open til 1am, but closed at 8pm. K-Mart was open - I do not know when they closed. If Easter is such a big deal why is there not more hubbub around it. It kinda sneaks up on you if you're not into it. Christmas on the other hand couldn't sneak up on a blind, deaf, catatonic mental patient.

Religion is weird. It kinda infects all of society. Even if you don't believe in it, there it is in your face. Inconveniencing you.

It makes me wonder if 'freedom of religion' is truly a viable concept. You're never really free of religion. Even when you don't have one.