The phone was ringing off the hook at work today. Lucky for me it's not my job to answer it. I think it was because I forgot my mp3 player. I had no choice, but to sit and listen to it. I don't really believe in superstition like that, but it's strange how often coincidences like that occur. I'll make sure to bring my player tomorrow and I guess we'll see. Of course I'm not sure if I'll know. I probably won't hear it.

Mondays are funny like that. Even though it's physically impossible, they are always twice as long as other days of the week. Same as February is the longest month of the year, even though by count of days it's the shortest. Perception is truly warped.

I also got stuck behind a cement mixer truck this morning. On a one lane, no passing road. Another thing that only happens on a Monday. And I nearly missed my last turn off. Which I've made a thousand and one times. I could do it in my sleep. But not on Monday morning with hardly enough coffee in my system yet. I have to drink faster. A lot faster. Driving to work on only 2 cups of coffee is not a good thing.

I can never decide which route to work is best. They all seem to clock out the same. How can I be stuck behind a truck going 40 mph and arrive in the same amount of time as I do when I'm doing 70 mph on a major highway? Each route is roughly the same distance. Mathematically, it doesn't make any sense. But I leave at the same time and arrive at the same time regardless.

I'm pretty certain I died about a month ago and this is the afterlife. A tedious, laborious, louder version of my original life. I still pay taxes. I still drink beer. The only difference is there's a lot more traffic.