Survival of the Dimmest

Just this afternoon I discovered The Colony. Thanks Netflix!

Based on my prior ratings I was advised that I might enjoy this show as well. More often than not Netflix suggestions are generic and only superficially accurate. However, in this case, totally 100% on the money. What a fabulously interesting show. It's been on for at least two seasons and I had no idea it existed and never would have if not for netflix.

The premise is pseudo apocalypse reality simulation. Since the world hasn't actually ended, obviously the apocalypse part is contrived. Much of the action is fictitious, but the volunteers reactions seem quite genuine. Maybe they just found really good participants. Dunno for sure. No reality show is truly real. We all know that. I used to love that Eco-Challenge show that Mark Burnett did back in the day. That was awesome and authentic and damn near reality. Nowadays we have to lower our expectation of reality TV. Sad really that we even have expectations for such a thing.

The Colony is unusual in that it's very fake and very realistic at the same time. Better production? Perhaps. The circumstance, situations, people and resources are all very well planned out. But the science and psychology underneath the experiment are true and intriguing.

The emotions and tension may be exaggerated to say the least, but if nothing else, their solutions are applicable in a real apocalypse.

The part I don't get is why people would want to survive.