Travel Mug Madness

This past Friday I went out looking for some new travel mugs. The ones I currently use are getting on in years. I was actually hoping to find some of a somewhat larger capacity. They are 20 ounces each. All I was able to find were slightly smaller ones. 18 ounces. I guess I drink a lot more coffee than most people. Usually a pot and a half. That's a lot, no doubt. But I honestly always thought that most folks drank more than 18 ounces in a single day. But every store I went to - that was the largest size they had. Most were only 16 ounces actually.

First I looked in Kohl's, but as I had suspected they didn't have any. So then I tried Marshal's and they had quite a nice assortment. All 18 ounces or less, but lots of them and only $5-$7 a piece. I also checked out Five Below. They had a few. Each $5. But they were all small. So I went to Target. First I looked at a thermal carafe which held a whopping 64 ounces. Can't complain on size. But can't drink from it. Need a separate cup. It was $27. Pretty good price. But the open close mechanism on the lid seemed cheap and unreliable. And I didn't want just one receptacle that required constant hand cleaning.

I looked at the travel mugs section of Target and nearly peed myself with laughter. A 16 ounce travel mug was $31. Another was a mere $25. Yet another was a frugal $19. Huh? WTF? Homina Homina. Needless to say I left Target and went back to Marshal's and got two of their biggest ones for 5 each.

When I got them home I found a use and care label inside the cups. It referred to It also had pictures of their array of mobile drink devices. Which included a 34 ounce travel mug. Now that's what I was really searching for, but not finding.

When I went to their site there it was just as the little label had indicated and it was only $9. Awesome. I ordered 2 of those and will keep the 2 I got at Marshal's as well and get rid of my old ones altogether.

It was totally worth it to buy the cups at Marshal's just to find out about bubbabrands website. They have a perfectly thorough assortment of insulated mobile beverage containers at awesomely low prices.

This is not a paid advertisement. This is a true story. After my long and arduous hunt for the proper coffee containers I wanted to share my experience and maybe help others find their perfect on the go caffeine container.