Video Puzzles

So my mother wanted to send a video to her friend. I'm not really a video person. Still images and graphics I'm all over it, but video has never interested me. She has these old home movies she had transferred to dvd. Her friend's son as a baby is in some of the footage.

The files were already ripped from the dvd and modified for some corrections. So she had them on her computer, but they're really big. So we used windows movie maker to compress them a bit. Which that worked pretty well and was very easy to do.

Then I had her upload the videos to youtube. Which was slow, but not agonizingly so. Then we made them private cause we aren't social like that and don't want to share them with the world. So we set only certain users as able to view them. Which by the way google, was a little hard to find - the spot to specify who can view the video).

When we watch them on youtube it's the most curious thing. In the small video frames (anything not fullscreen) it looks all messed up. Like the layers of the video are misaligned. But in fullscreen it looks normal. I don't get how that can be.