Being Human

I just started watch season 4 of Being Human the UK version. I totally don't get what they're doing. They'd already killed off Mitchel in the season 3 finale and now they've killed off Nina and George too. What the fuck? What is wrong the the United Kingdom that they just feel like they have the right to kill off major characters in hit television shows. Are they on crack? Where did they pick up this atrocious behavior?

I wasn't even planning on watch season 4 at all really. When George staked Mitchel at the end of season 3 it was pretty much over for me. The reason I eventually came back was the werebaby. I was just too darn curious about George and Nina's werewolf conceived progeny. So far she's just an ordinary baby in extraordinary circumstances.

It's definitely lacking a lot without Mitchel or George. They were the heart and soul of the show. Annie is cute and lovable and strong and very likable, but her character is sharp and stark on her own. It's interesting her raising the baby though. Can it even see her? It didn't wolf out to the full moon, so does it have an invisible mommy in its own mind?

Mitchel and George have been replaced with Tom the werewolf and Hal the vampire. Tom we already knew. Hal is a virtual stranger. In a way it vexes me that Mitchel and George have been replaced. Because they cannot be.

Writers create lots of characters during the course of show. During the course of their careers. Some are good. Some not. But it's rare that any at all are lovable. But George and Mitchel were. And it's sad that they're gone. I grieve their absence and resent the impostors that have cropped up in their stead. And I am angry at Annie for moving on so easily.

Who exactly is left being human? Who is even making the attempt?