Can't Afford to Die

I totally don't understand the concept of funerals and wake. Am completely baffled. I get that they are for the living much more than they are for the dead. It's a grieving thing. But I would think it would be much more comfort to grieve in private. To grieve without having to drive to a church or temple and stare at a corpse. The last thing in the world that I would think would be of comfort to anyone would be to see the lifeless flesh and bone husk of their loved one now devoid of the soul or very essence of who they once were.

Wherever you think they go after, if you think they go anywhere at all, it seems strange to use their former meat sack in the strange death rituals of most cultures and religions. Tens of thousands of dollars to put meaningless meat and marrow into a fancy box only to bury it under a pile of dirt. What the heck is that all about? How does that make anyone left behind feel better about the person gone from their life?

We are legally obligated to safely dispose of dead bodies, but cremation is a fraction of the cost. Your father, aunt, lover is no longer anywhere inside those foul organs and rotting flesh. So why treat the remains as if that special person is still there? No faith that I'm aware of believes the body after death. The soul is released. Either to paradise, perdition or to be reborn anew. Their soul is gone... into the ether. What we're left with is just grim physics. Nothing worthy of all that expensive pomp and circumstance.