Why is it that some people just tick me off? Dunno for sure. I'd like to think there's a good reason. It's been true in the past. But that's no guarantee for the future.

I've gotten so ornery in my old age. It's no wonder. Patience can only be stretched so far before it snaps. Poor listening skills really set me off. You know when you say something to someone and they just completely ignore what you've just said and continue on with what they were saying as if you never said anything at all. (sigh)

How is a person supposed to respond to that? Most certainly not the way I do, but I am what I am. It's too late to change now. And why should I change. Poor listening skills are your problem, not mine. I am many bad things, but I am a good listener. A bad responder, yes. But a good listener.

If only you were small like an ant and I could step on you. Not that I would. Well, I might. We'll never know I guess. Since you're not small like an ant, but are in fact, rather large and in the way and terribly hard to communicate with. Which brings me full circle.

I've always been going in circles. Long before you came along. But you make it so painfully obvious. I wish you would stop doing that. Or at the very least, just let me spin in peace.